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MCTS offers a wide range of business opportunities for contractors, vendors, and suppliers in construction, professional services, maintenance/repair/operation equipment, and more.


Check Current Solicitations

See the list of current solicitations and download documents to get more information. Each solicitation includes a summary of the project name, number, name of purchasing agent or buyer and the deadline for bid/proposal submittals.



How to Obtain Bid Documents:

  1. View MTS' active bids or proposals

     By clicking on the appropriate bid title, you will be transferred to the download page where you will be able to print the bid or proposal document(s), including required bid forms.

  2. Milwaukee Transport Services Inc. also utilizes the online service DemandStar to electronically publish active bids or proposals.

    Milwaukee Transport Services, Inc. 
    Attention: Procurement Department 
    1942 North 17th Street 
    Milwaukee, WI 53205 
    (414) 343-1706

For further information or questions regarding bid procedures, please contact the Procurement Department directly at (414) 343-1706, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Standard time or by e-mail.


Commodities & Services 

MCTS purchases commodities and services in the following areas:


  • Chemicals
  • Electrical
  • Safety Items
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Paint
  • Wire
  • Office Supply
  • Paper
  • Bus Parts
  • Welding Supply
  • Automotive
  • Lubricants
  • Gasoline
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Lamps & Bulbs
  • Terminals
  • Printing


  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Photography
  • Waste Services
  • Uniforms
  • Recycling Services
  • Industrial Vac
  • Oil Transport
  • Delivery Service
  • Computer Cabling
  • Printing
  • HMO Services
  • Insurance Plans

Click here to view our current Commodity Assignments list. 


Establish Business with MCTS

Companies or individuals seeking to do business with Milwaukee Transport Services, Inc. (MTS), Operator of the Milwaukee County Transit System, can contact the Procurement Department during regular business hours at (414) 343-1706.

Businesses providing services on-site at MTS must provide liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence listing both MTS and Milwaukee County as additionally insured.


DBE Program 

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification is the key for disadvantaged and small business enterprises to gain an edge when competing for contracts.

This report is a proposed FTA goal report setting Triennial Goals on Milwaukee County projects at for Milwaukee County Transit System for federal fiscal years 2018-2019-2020. 


Product Type  NAICS Code  DBE Firms and Potential Firms  All Firms in Market Area  % of DBE Firms that may be available 
Office Supplies  424120  126  3.17% 
Auto Parts & Service  441310, 423120, 811111, etc  446  1.79% 
Fuel & Lubricants  424720  173  2.89% 
Marketing & Promotional  541613  52  858  6.06% 
Total    69  1,603  4.30% 

Questions regarding DBE goal setting should be directed to: 

Lamont Robinson, Director and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Liaison Officer
DAS-Community Business Development Partners
Milwaukee County
633 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 902
Milwaukee, WI  53203



MCTS Standard Terms and Conditions

  • MTS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (click here to view document)

  • MTS Purchase Order Terms With Federal Funds (click here to view document)

  • MTS Supplemental Terms and Conditions (click here to view document)

  • MTS Standard Terms and Conditions for the Weekly Critical Stock/Bus Part (click here to view document)