MCTS Excellence

For every employee of the Milwaukee County Transit System, MCTS Excellence is more than just a saying, it is a way of life. 

The MCTS Excellence program is a unique way to recognize MCTS employees for their big and small acts of kindness. The initiative includes a popular video series, in which bus surveillance video is used to tell incredible stories that might not otherwise get told. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe have viewed or read about MCTS employees’ inspiring actions, thanks to the broad reach of social media, TV, radio, and newspapers.

Stories about MCTS employees’ kindness, compassion, and heroism have been featured by a wide range of media outlets, including: CNN, HLN, Fox News, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, A&E Live Rescue, CBS Evening News, Pickler & Ben, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘A Minute and a Glass of Wine,’ and ‘Anderson Cooper Full Circle’.

We want to hear your stories of MCTS Excellence. If you see a bus driver or other MCTS employee going above and beyond, please let us know by filing a commendation for that person.

Check back here often because we will keep sharing new stories of MCTS Excellence!

MCTS Driver Helps Lost Elderly Woman Get Home Safe

MCTS driver Adonnis jumped into action to help a lost elderly woman get home safe

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MCTS Driver Helps Passenger with low Blood Sugar

The minute MCTS driver Curtis E. learned one of his passengers had low blood sugar & needed to eat soon, he knew he had to get her some food.

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MCTS Driver Praised for Helping Individual Who is Visually Impaired Cross Busy Street

While driving her route, MCTS bus driver Estelle K. noticed an individual who is visually impaired trying to cross a busy road and almost stumble into turning traffic.

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MCTS Bus Driver Keeps Passengers Safe from Reckless Driver

Thanks to Charles for his constant alertness & keeping his passengers safe.

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MCTS Bus Driver helps mother find her lost daughter

Thanks to Eleshia for helping a mother find her lost daughter!

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MCTS Bus Driver Jumps into Action to Help a Senior Cross the Street Safely

Bus operator Dan M. jumped into action to help a senior rider safely cross the street

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MCTS Driver Saves Dog from Oncoming Traffic

MCTS Bus Driver Rachel C. helped a dog narrowly avoid being struck by numerous cars.

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Driver Helps 92-Year-Old-Man to His Apartment Building

Thanks to Caterica for showing compassion for her riders!

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MCTS Driver Keeps Passengers Safe in a Scary Situation

When she learned from Dispatch about multiple shootings that happened along her route, operator Jessica Johnson jumped into action, communicating the detours she would be taking so her passengers could adjust their commutes.

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MCTS Driver Helps Woman & Child Escape A Domestic Violence Situation

Thanks to Dartanian for helping a woman & child escape a domestic violence situation.

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MCTS Driver Goes Above and Beyond to Help a Passenger in Need

Thanks to Heath for going above and beyond to help a passenger get to their destination.

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MCTS Driver Helps Woman Escape A Domestic Violence Situation

Thanks to Torrie for helping a woman escape a domestic violence situation.

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MCTS Driver Helps Customer With Medical Situation

Thanks to Stephanie for helping a passenger with a medical situation.

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MCTS Driver Has Great Customer Service

Thanks to Arkillius for his great customer service!

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Spiteful Turkeys Cause Minor Delay Along Route 31 in Wauwatosa

A flock of spiteful turkeys caused a minor delay along Route 31 in Wauwatosa. Thank you to our passengers and MCTS Driver Charles Ross for your patience and MCTS Excellence!

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MCTS Driver Surprises Hard-Working Teen with Free Bus Pass

MCTS Bus Driver Shamika Anderson bought a bus pass for a hard-working teenager she met while driving the PurpleLine.

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Robotics Team Rebuilds MCTS Farebox to Help Teach Kids Who Are Visually-Impaired

A robotics team at Pewaukee High School rebuilt a damaged MCTS farebox to help teach kids who are blind or low vision how to ride the bus.

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MCTS Driver Saves Skunk with Yogurt Cup Stuck on Head

MCTS bus driver Bob Ervin took extraordinary steps earlier this summer to save a skunk that had its head stuck inside a yogurt container!

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MCTS Driver Surprises 10-Year-Old Boy with New Bike

A 10-year-old opened up to MCTS Driver Shamika Anderson about his life – which included some hardships. The next day, to bring a smile to her new friend’s face, Shamika surprised the boy with a brand new bike

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MCTS Driver Helps Woman in Wheelchair Cross Busy Intersection

Kudos to MCTS Driver Justin Bonds, who ran out of his bus to help a woman in a wheelchair who was having trouble getting across a busy intersection.

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