How to Ride


Riding the bus can seem complicated if you are unfamiliar with how it all works. To help, we put together a few easy steps to help guide you through a trip with MCTS. 

  1. PLAN – using our Trip Planner or the app, find the route you are looking to travel.
  2. PREPARE – check to make sure you have the correct fare. You can pay with exact cash, WisGo card, WisGo in the Umo App™ or other MCTS passes like the CVP or U-PASS. 
  3. BOARD – double check the electronic sign on the bus to make sure it matches your route and final destination – and then hop on!  
  4. PAY – when boarding you can pay with exact cash in the farebox, or scanning your WisGo card or WisGo in the Umo App™ on the validator.
  5. ASK – if you’re unfamiliar with your final destination, ask the driver to call your street. 
  6. SIGNAL – a block or two before your stop, pull the yellow cord above the window to let the driver know you need to exit the bus. Double check to make sure you have all of your personal belongings. 
    *NOTE: The driver will not stop unless you indicate that you need to exit the bus. 
  7. EXIT – wait until the bus has come to a complete stop, then step slowly toward the rear door. Once the green light appears above the door you can touch the center of the handles to open the automatic doors. 





Everything you need to get to your destination with MCTS. From service alerts to accessibility, from travel training to rules for riding, make the most of your MCTS experience.

Service Alerts

Any changes or disruptions to our normal service will be listed on our Service Alerts page.


Our stops and vehicles have accessibility features that help make traveling easier for seniors and people with disabilities.

Travel Training

We can help you ride the bus safely and independently through complimentary travel training and useful tools.

Rules for Riding

Follow these simple rules and we’ll all ride a little easier.

Bikes on Buses

Whether you're an avid cyclist or ride for fun, MCTS makes it easy to take your bike on the bus.

Traveling with Kids

If you're bringing children with you on the bus, here are some helpful tips and safety reminders.