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Milwaukee County’s bus system is facing major cuts and needs your help. 

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is facing a $26.5 million budget shortfall in 2025 due to long standing structural budget problems and the impending expiration of temporary federal COVID19 relief funding. In addition, Milwaukee County itself is confronting an across-the-board budget crisis.

To put this shortfall in context, a $26.5 million cut would result in a 20 percent cut in service which could represent nearly one half of all routes in the system spread across Milwaukee County. These service reductions would aggravate the economic damage caused by COVID19, keeping literally millions* of riders from getting to their job, school, hospital or church, and harming local (and state) businesses in the process. These cuts would also derail the progress MCTS will make with the start of the CONNECT Bus Rapid Transit line this year as well as the recent MCTS NEXT system redesign.

MCTS faces a projected $26.5 million budget shortfall in 2025.
Transit cuts will worsen local labor shortages.
In 2025, MCTS bus service faces major cuts.
Cuts to transit negatively impact those who can least afford it.
2,366 businesses could lose access to bus service.
Nearly half of all routes in the system may be affected.


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Suggested Email Remarks for County Supervisor

The Milwaukee County Transit System is facing a crisis – and we need your help.

With the end of federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding and looming cuts at both the county and state levels, MCTS is facing a projected $26.5 million budget shortfall in 2025. 

To put this shortfall in context, a $26.5 million cut would result in a 20 percent cut in service which could represent nearly one-half of all routes in the system spread across Milwaukee County.

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, the proposed cuts to MCTS could deal a fatal blow to our city, our neighborhoods and our ability to provide for our families. This isn’t just a Milwaukee issue, either. Large and small employers throughout metro Milwaukee rely on MCTS to bring them workers – and slowdowns due to labor shortages at manufacturing facilities could have a ripple effect on businesses across the entire state.

Milwaukee County Transit System is a critical part of Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure. Please work with your colleagues to pass local revenue reform that allows Milwaukee County to generate local dollars to solve local problems. With the right mix of local revenue, Milwaukee County will have the financial flexibility to avoid devastating cuts to transit service. #SaveTheBus.

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Public transit is vital infrastructure that benefits everybody, and a cut in MCTS funding would be a huge blow to the city of Milwaukee and to bus riders like me.


With the route cuts and restructuring that has already occurred and the planned changes, I have had to reconcile myself to the fact that, if there is no bus, I am stranded at home. There are a lot of people like me. Please help.


I'm not sure how I would be able to get to my doctor appointments, school, or work if the routes were cut. I can't drive, and I can't afford to pay for something like an Uber or Lyft every time. This would be devastating for people like me.


I have been accepted into UWM and as a college student I don’t plan on owning a car. Significant cuts of services would definitely impact my day-to-day life as a college student who has friends in other parts of town.


I am a mobility impaired senior. I'm on a fixed income & must rely on MCTS to get to most places because I don't have family or friends with cars to assist me. I also have many friends and family who rely on MCTS to get where they need to go. Cutting back &/or eliminating routes will greatly jeopardize our abilities to get to work, appointments & shopping.



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*With a fleet of over 320 clean-diesel buses and a dedicated team of 1,000 drivers, mechanics and administrative staff, MCTS provides nearly 16 million rides each year and generates a massive economic impact for the region.