WisGo Fare Collection System Updates


We're getting closer to our full launch! From February through September you’ll see validators going on buses, a new ad campaign promoting the Umo app, and new retail locations (twice as many locations as today!). Check back to this page for additional information as we progress through our timeline!

New Fare Collection System Timeline

  • If you haven’t already, download the Umo app.
  • Validators are available on buses for Umo mobile app users starting in early March. The Umo app’s full functionality means that the temporary 105-minute and all-day fare options will be removed as riders can now store value on the app. All users will be able to enjoy fare capping through the app.
  • The new fare structure fully launches in April. Validators will take WisGo cards, in addition to the Umo app. Riders can purchase WisGo cards in April at nearly 100 locations including Community Financial, or reload existing WisGo cards at over 100 local retailers—including supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores such as Walgreens, Speedway & Dollar General. Some retail locations do both, such as El Rey. M-Card users can turn in their cards for a free WisGo card April through June. WisGo Bus Ambassadors will help riders download the app or get a WisGo card at key locales around the county. Reduced fare riders will receive their new WisGo cards via mail.
  • New cards are free until June 30. Afterwards, regular fare WisGo cards cost $2. MCTS CONNECT BRT service starts on June 4. Riders must pay their fare before boarding and then enter through either the front or back doors of the bus.     
  • Remember, you can no longer load value on your M-Card. 
  • M-Card will no longer be valid on the bus. Ride with the Umo app, your WisGo card or cash.​​